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The Innaxis Foundation and Research Institute. Innovation for a Complex World

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Innaxis is a private, non-profit research institute working in collaborative research and action to address the complex challenges of our time.

Using complex systems thinking, our Paradigm Shift programme redefines conceptual frameworks and identifies pathways towards desirable futures, in which well-being is made compatible with life at large, for current and future generations, for humans and all inhabitants of the planet.


Paradigm Shift is a change in human civilizations of an unprecedented scale. We don´t have the secret for it to happen, but we know it needs to happen, and the adventure requires action on many different leverage points. Hence we work in transcontextual partnerships with researchers, practitioners and decision-makers within public and private organizations, to find out how the shift could happen. Our vision is guided by educated guesses about what we have wrong (our "blind spots") and how these could become "sparks in the dark" towards what we call a Society of Living.


Digital for Circular

Reframing the role of digital technologies to meet the challenges of sustainable development through the goal of High Well-being @ Low Fooprint. This also relates to increasing the circularity of human processes through design thinking and the use of information to create negentropy.

Co-Creating Desirable Futures

Reframing the role of science and technology in society to address gaps in knowledge itself and in the understanding of societal challenges and the governance of knowledge processes. Applying a systemic, process-oriented perspective to identify enabling conditions for co-creation.

Open Simulation for Global Shift

Profiting from state-of-the-art modelling techniques to open debates about pathways towards configurations of human activities deemed to be sustainable. Leveraging open simulation as a dynamic and participatory practice, to open minds and identify linkages, between societal decisions and ecological footprints.

Leverage to Transformation

Applying systemic frameworks and the perspective of leverage points to identify obstacles and opportunities to progress in transformation towards sustainable development. Interdisciplinary work with researchers and practitioners on the role of innovation to accelerate the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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